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KIMERA Plus Ltd. was founded in 1992 with the intent of customised and administrative software development for companies and municipalities. Following the initial successes, KIMERA enlarged its profile with the installation, maintenance and servicing of its software systems, a full-scale servicing rendered to our esteemed partners.

KIMERA running softwares still include - from the starting activities - the Sales-Enumeration System for SUZUKI-cars (worked out with the aid of SUZUKI ÁSZ Co., Budapest), other Enterprise Managing Systems, as well as the program of Cadastral Register of Real Estates for Municipalities, the latter including registering & keeping record of real estates, changes, yearly statistics (according to the OSAP 1616 standard), etc.

Our motive: Innovations
KIMERA Plus Ltd. has laid full stress on innovations, with special regard to municipalities’ requirements. The main profile of KIMERA is presently the software development and implementation of E-Municipality solutions, providing wide range of application softwares for public administration and management. At the same time we permanently enlarge IT services, up-grade our programs and follow-up of new rules and regulations. Our softwares help the administrative work and offer optimal solutions for every-day record keeping.

Our software systems are based and built up of our own programs that have been designed to convert all database formerly used by the municipality. This enables our programs to evade the problemacy of former databases, hence allows the full functioning of running KIMERA softwares in the new integrated system. KIMERA lays much stress on the development of these systems so as to best provide consumer satisfaction.

As member of professional organisations like Hungarian Association of IT Companies (IVSZ) and National Associations of Intelligent Settlements, Hungary (ITOSZ) we have the opportunity to get up-to-date feedback from the end-users, and based on the expertise we can work on the new generation of software programs following our motive: innovating.

Current software products: Integrated Municipal System (IMS)
The Integrated Municipal Systems currently includes 20 operating programs which provide PC support to the staff of municipalities.
The integrated system means an integrated operation mode of different administrative programs, e.g.:
--the use of common database
--access to external database (e.g. population), integrating it into the compound system
--mutual availability and access to co-data
--uniform representation/visualisation graphically
--common parameter-definition for co-users
--uniform management information services.

The Integrated Municipal System is made up of modules, made available to users according to specific needs, with access granted to the different programs according to scheduling chosen by the customer. The system is most flexible allowing for each program to be operated individually, for new programs to be added to the system at any time, hence up-dating as per new requirements.

The different versions of IMS are highly recommended for urban, regional and rural administration- (from 500 inhabitants to 200.000 inhabitants), therefore 3 main program-packages are available.
KIMERA Ltd. undertakes to install the required programs, training of the programs locally, the up-dating as per statutory provisions as well as working out of new modules.
Currently the KIMERA Integrated Municipal System operates at over 220 municipalities throughout Hungary.

The main references: Pécs MJV, Szombathely MJV, Veszprém MJV,
           Székesfehérvár MJV, Sopron MJV,
           Budapest IV. (Újpest), Budapest IX.(Ferencváros),
           Budapest XXIII.(Soroksár), Budapest III.(Óbuda-Békásmegyer),
           Hajdúböszörmény, Gyöngyös, Monor, Békés, Dunaharaszti, Törökbálint, Dorog.
Model references supported by the Ministry of Health Social and Family Affairs:
           Bicske, Hatvan, Vásárosnamény.

For more details kindly visit our web-site at

New software products (in the introduction phase) :
The Intelligent Municipal System or E-Municipal System (shortly IMS)

The Intelligent Municipal System is designated to enable a totally electronic execution of everyday office work, so that the Municipality can best fulfil the requirements towards its partners/clients. The e-IÖR means the optimal operating IT system comprising special programs of today’s record-keeping and up-dating, with the possible links to former databases of municipalities.
The data are duly forwarded electronically between the different branches of the office by the Process Controlling and Document Management System (PCDM) which is a special ’work-flow’ system that gives the frame of the task-oriented programs. It calls for and converts all flowing data to uniform grahics and rules, granting mutual access to end-users to all available co-programs.
The UMIK (PCDM) is made up of numerous modules where modules can function and co-function separately. Some are designated to operate individually, targeted for certain tasks, others are for further applications. The IMS can be linked to the IMS-programs of KIMERA but also has the advantage to be applied to programs of other companies, giving the core of the installed programs and acting as the ’intersection’ to all applications. This saves the end-user the intolerably long definition path to be paved for the prompt data-flow.
The Intelligent Municipal System eases the administrative job of municipalities, moreover gives the clients the possibility to hand in their requests and petitions via the Internet, evading the problemacy of personal handling. The requests are thus forwarded to the person in charge without having to deal with the matter in person. It also comprises the complex programs for the job-conduct of Municipalities’ Corporation/Community and practically frames the route of virtual co-work via the Internet. Another important aspect is that it serves as a link where local inhabitants can reach the elected corporate bodies electronically, through so-called ’portal components’. The applied programs are written generally in php, which can well be integrated into the existing web site or port of the municipalities.

We are pleased to offer our products, services with 12-years’ expertise and competent staff to install and make applications designed to best suit our clients’ needs/requirements. Our company is ready to co-operate with domestic as well as with foreign companies in realisation of Electronic Municipality.

Please contact us at:

KIMERA Plus Organising and Servicing Co. Ltd.
Attn. Mr. György Trembeczki, Mr. Istvan Trembeczki
Head-quarters: H-1026 Budapest, Pasaréti út. 110/B, Hungary
Office: H-2144 Kerepes, Akácfa u. 16, Hungary
Tel.: +36-1-275-1430 or +36-28-200-220
Fax: +36-28-999-681
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For your information: KIMERA was
• a monstrous creature with a lion’s head, a goat’s body and a snake’s tail in ancient mythology
• a creature made up artificially of two or more types of tissues to form a dual-nature monster


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